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BRL/LRL Launch
« on: May 30, 2011, 05:39:16 PM »
Discussions continue with NSP over this issue but as mentioned elsewhere on the board, access can be granted for tournament purposes currently. I did however let NSP know that other bodies besides AVBC would want access as they too typically can and do hold tournaments there.

For the time being you will have to notify the office in advance of the event. The gate will be unlocked for the event and possibly locked back up during the fishing time, that is still not 100% sure yet but of course will be outlined when getting access for tournament purposes.

RBANS has suggested some programs that could be put in place to allow other bass anglers access at times other than tournament day too. Again, we are not all tournament folk so we need some access to one of Nova Scotia's most recognized bass fisheries. They will check them out both with higher management and legal departments, we will have to wait to hear more back. I can tell you that collective approaches by all parties involved would help so it is suggested that AVBC, CASA, NOVA etc all approach them with similar ideas to let them know that we would of course request further access beyond tournament morning. Unless these clubs are going to off limit prefishing for everyone then there will be issues I suspect.

Our main suggestion was a key program. This means that anglers would have to pay a deposit fee for an access key, sign a proper agreement highlighting code of conduct and hold harmless clauses, and display a permit of some type indicating they have a real key, not a copy. This is a good middle of the road approach that allows them to keep our vandals while still allows concerned anglers access outside of tournament fishing. My suggestion is for everyone to speak in similar terms and raise the question with NSP through appropriate channels to try and get something like this setup. If not, the gate will remain closed and reasonable access to Methals/LRL will disappear.

Thanks and we will keep you updated as they continue to talk with us.

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