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Some RBANS Activity
« on: May 30, 2011, 01:15:59 PM »
After a request from a member I wanted to give a little heads up about some of the stuff happening in RBANS. At this point, the main thrusts are finishing off the IFAC establishment and similar. We have our verbal agreements done, our approval by other sitting members and now await the official documentation.

We have been busy working with Don MacLean and fisheries setting up RBANS on the IFAC board and getting a spot on the invasive sub-committee. This work is mostly is going towards us ensuring that the RBANS voice is seriously heard and that we impact items moving forward.

There was the successful RBANS ad placement in the anglers 2011 handbook if you have not seen it already.

SSBM and AVBC have fully affiliated with RBANS, welcome aboard to you and your members. We will use this moving forward to speak with the other clubs.

We have official letters in per the ability to have a fish in the livewell vs the lake shore during fun fishing.

We also have communicated with every club the new rules per leaving a tournament with no bass onboard to help keep them safe after weigh-in.

I have been in discussion with NSP officials at both Queens Co and Kings Co offices. The issues we are working on are the Mersey River boom location at the top of pool #4 and the newly closed gate for access to Black River/Little River. Communications at this point have been fruitful and pretty much done for Mersey, lots more to go for BRL/LRL.

We have endorsed a ramp project in the HRM area which currently looks very good and will share more as soon as we hear back.

This coming weekend I will put this into a mailer or else continue updates here on the site too.

Have a great day guys and we'll share more as we progress.

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Re: Some RBANS Activity
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2011, 12:13:18 AM »

As a non member I have been wondering what if anything Rbans has been up to. I was happy to see this update. I suspect there are probably other anglers that are also interested and trying to decide if Rbans is something they'd like to be involved with, so any info you can provide is appreciated.

Obviously we are on opposite of the fence on the catch and kill fiasco, but hopefully there are more issues we can agree on.