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RBANS AGM Follow-up
« on: June 14, 2012, 12:02:52 PM »
Some AGM follow-up.

From the AGM there are a few tidbits folks that we like to put up moving forward.

Policy clarifications:

Cape Breton Feed Nova Scotia Project. RBANS supported the project based on previous commitments and knowledge of conditions surrounding the project. We do not condemn it outright due to that previous support and realize the many factors involved beyond just the actual event. We do acknowledge in hind-sight that it could have been handled differently and therefore, RBANS has clearly adopted a policy that no such project will receive our support in the future; rather, RBANS will now suggest and support "Catch and Move" projects. There are fisheries that truly should not exist yet there are others that could use population diversity etc, as a result we would work feverishly on projects that catch bass in volume to negatively impact a population then move them elsewhere to support other populations.

Bass Management. RBANS has noted that the recent business of bass management has shifted more towards 'managing bass' versus offering management tools to bolster, support and protect various valued fisheries. RBANS will work in coming months to identify policies that could better certain fisheries.


The provincial bass fishing insurance policy is in place and well supported. Member clubs are now very well covered as are other features/properties. RBANS is proud of this success and grateful for the support from the participating parties.

RBANS has committed to work in bringing back a bass weekend in which officials, dignitaries and bassers assemble to discuss the future of, the proper management of and current matters facing the smallmouth bass sport fishery in Nova Scotia.

RBANS will continue to fulfil its share of policy work with other groups to strike the proper accord in bass management and impacts to other native fisheries.

Funding for RBANS is a topic in which we will need to further investigate. There are some expenses in maintaining / promoting the society and we would like to develop some meaningful initiatives to more easily fund those expenses.

RBANS hopes all bass anglers have an enjoyable, safe and productive bass fishing season in 2012.
RBANS Executive.

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