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2012-2013 AGM Thoughts
« on: September 07, 2012, 01:29:46 PM »
At our next AGM, time and place is of course unknown at this point, we will be discussing lots of topics per bass fishing in Nova Scotia. One key one that has been bounced around by the RBANS executive for discussion at the AGM is one that we are posting here today. The idea is still forming but it is one that we view as feasible, it would be ironed out at the AGM and if passed, take effect from that date forward we suspect.

RBANS, in an effort to help curb further smallmouth bass introductions in new areas of NS, is looking to adopt a policy that places restrictions on new smallmouth bass populations found within new water-bodies only. After policy ratification, any lake that is confirmed as having a recent and new bass population, that was not present at the time of adoption of this policy, will be subject to a voluntary 10 year tournament moratorium as enforced by RBANS. Our member clubs will be asked to pass similar policies in addition to this policy but RBANS itself will ask them for this new 10 year rule. The subject lake will only be considered for future tournament use after the 10 year moratorium expires and this policy will be reviewed from time to time to ensure it best fits the needs of RBANS, its members and NS sport-fisheries.
Again, this is just the first rough draft and the goal here is to set up the 10 year tournament ban. The ban can only be applied to lakes that do not have bass in them now and the ban would not apply to recreational fishing, we can fish anywhere that bass are present now or in the future as long as it does not circumvent provincial policy. Also, this policy cannot come into effect until after our AGM where it will be voted upon by members present. This is a voluntary policy, it is not a provincial rule and RBANS would actually fight such a provincial rule as that no longer operates in good faith with NS bass anglers and what we are doing here on our own.

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