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Author Topic: Checking BT Talon Remote Power Level  (Read 362 times)

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Checking BT Talon Remote Power Level
« on: August 19, 2018, 07:52:00 PM »
If you have the Bluetooth Talons, the Talon app offers lots of extra options to you, one of the more unique ones is the ability to check the level of battery power remaining in your BT Talon remote. Checking this from time to time will ensure that your remote has sufficient battery power to operate smoothly and prevent you from losing fishing time when in use.

***The Talon app is free from Minn Kota and can be installed your phone from the Google Play Store or Apple App store. Install it and pair to your Talon(s).

Here is a quick rundown on how to check those remote batteries.

*Step 1. - Ensure that your Talons are powered on.

*Step 2. - Open you Talon app, this will bring you to the main screen as shown below:

*Step 3. - From that main screen, tap the MENU button (3 horizontal lines to left of Talon logo near top of screen)

*Step 4. - From the Menu screen as shown below, tap the Device List option

*Step 5. - From the Device List screen, tap the Smart Bluetooth option (to the right of Classic Bluetooth), see image below:

*Step 6. - The image below shows the four (4) Talon remotes in my shop, note under each device it shows you the power level of the battery in that specific remote.

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